Landlord Services

Do you have a property that we can rent out on your behalf to a qualified tenant?

We understand that you, the owner of the property, will at all times make the ultimate decisions regarding tenant selection, lease terms and maintenance. These are responsibilities that come with property ownership. On the other hand we undertake to keep you informed on rental trends, to act on your instructions with regard to any of the above and to attend to all matters relating to the agents obligations.

As part of our service, and in accordance with government legislation, we assist landlords in the following ways:

  • Rental valuation of your property.
  • Procurement of suitable tenant.
  • Lease negotiation and completion.
  • Property inspections according to legislation.
  • Collecting and retaining a deposit.
  • Collection of monthly rental.
  • Disbursement of rental monies advice.
  • Maintenance of property.
  • Liaison with tenant.
  • Other administrative services where necessary.

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Tenant Services

Are you looking for a home to rent?

We work with a wide selection of houses, simplexes, duplexes, flats, townhouses and other properties ranging in price, size, location, facilities and character dependant on availability.

As stock is limited we will try our very best to find a suitable place for you, regardless of your personal and financial circumstances.

As part of our service, and in accordance with government legislation, we assist tenants in the following ways:

  • Lease negotiation and completion.
  • Retaining deposit in an interest bearing account.
  • Collection of monthly rental.
  • Maintenance of property.
  • Property inspections according to legislation.
  • Liaison with landlord.
  • Electricity connection documentation.
  • Other administrative services where necessary.

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Why use RE/MAX Coastal when Letting?

For peace of mind...

When using RE/MAX Coastal for all your letting needs, you will benefit from our extensive database of prospective qualified tenants as well as our network with other agencies in the area. We save you time, money and stress by dealing with all possible letting issues efficiently and effectively.

The table below lists the benefits of using our letting services:

RE/MAX Letting Service

Benefits for Landlords

Benefits for Tenants

Rental value advised by us is the highest that the market can bear.

Find tenant quicker and avoid under-pricing.

Avoid over-payments for poor quality homes

Constant advertising: press, Internet, Property Network.

Find tenant quicker and save time and money on private advertising.

Save time on hunting for a home and find a suitable landlord quicker

Professional inspections by a trained real estate agent prior to Lease Agreement.

Be aware of property's condition; make repairs to find tenant quicker and to increase rental value; save time on inspections.

Rent a place in perfect condition and avoid expenses on repairs; inspect property at the most suitable time for you

Rental negotiations by a trained real estate professional.

Better marketing for your property; adjust rental payments if necessary to find tenants quicker; save time on negotiations.

Be comfortable voicing any concerns; save time on negotiations and secure a place to stay quicker; secure the highest quality place for your money

Completion of Lease Agreement by a trained real estate professional.

Save time and avoid mistakes when preparing Lease Agreement.

Understand all clauses in the Agreement and save time on paperwork

Deposit and monthly payments collection.

Receive payments on time; save time on collections.

Pay on time to avoid unpleasantness; secure deposit in an interest bearing trust account

Constant supervision over maintenance, repairs and alterations.

Be aware of property's condition or alterations requested by tenants; make repairs on time to secure tenancy and maintain rental value.

Report problems instantly; be aware of your responsibilities and avoid expenses for repairs that you are not liable for; avoid unpleasantness by making unwelcome alterations

Completion of electricity connection documentation prior and after occupation.

Avoid outstanding municipal bills on your property.

Save time on paperwork; avoid outstanding fees after lease expires

Assistance or advice in all possible problems experienced during tenancy: break-ins, security, lost keys, insurance etc.

Avoid being asked questions that we can answer; be sure of your property's security and immediate attendance to all problems; be aware of all problems.

Find answers to your problems instantly; feel supported when problems occur; fix problems or find solutions quicker; save time on informing landlord