Become a RE/MAX Client for Life

Your home is a lifetime investment coupled with strong personal ties. Selling or Buying your home is a life changing experience and we approach the task with sensitivity, concern and professional competence to ensure that it is an excellent one. We also take pride in our after sales service and care to ensure that our clients become Clients for Life.

RE/MAX Associates across the country average twice the experience and three times as many sales as other agents.

With a record like that, it's no wonder that RE/MAX is the real estate leader in cities and towns throughout the world. If you are ready to sell your home with the industry's elite, contact us today.

Sellers Services

When selling your property, every RE/MAX agent promises you:

Listing Sheet
The preparation of pertinent information about your home (price, personal property, special features, rates and taxes, mortgage info, erf size etc.) for marketing purposes.

A RE/MAX sign with their name on it which will be promptly placed on your property. They shall be marketing your home in a number of ways but the strong RE/MAX sign is a proven winner in attracting prospective buyers. Their name appears to ensure that interested callers will be directed straight to the agent who knows more about your home than anyone.

Property Network Services
In addition to notifying all RE/MAX agents, they will, as per your agreement, advise the Property Network of the availability of your home and encourage our cooperating brokers to show your home.

They will take exterior and interior photographs of your home within a few days. These will be used with the listing sheet, display advertising and Internet advertising.

Tour Day
An inspection tour by RE/MAX Associates and, if necessary, by Property Network salespersons will be scheduled. This is an outstanding opportunity to provide your home with early, excellent exposure to sales people who are working with today's buyers.

Sales Associates from RE/MAX as well as our cooperating brokers will want to show your home. An appointment will always be made in advance. You will have the name of the agent and an approximate arrival time.

Follow-up on Showings
You may call them at any time if you have any information which you believe will be helpful. They will follow up on showings to establish interest and to elicit any meaningful feedback from the showing agent. It may take some time to contact the other agent since they may both be in and out of their offices, but they will follow up and call you when the feedback is pertinent.

Promoting Your Home
RE/MAX clients enjoy a wide spectrum of full media, classified and display advertising opportunities in which homes in your price range are continually advertised. In addition, they have their own marketing and advertising programmes in which your home will participate. In all, your home will enjoy the full impact of our broad, professional coverage including:

  • Internet Exposure and E-mail Communication
  • Classified Advertising
  • Neighbour Card Mailings
  • Open Houses
  • Lawn Signs
  • Property Network Services

I'll be there... You can be confident that when you need help or advice, or need to discuss your home, I'll be there. At RE/MAX coastal we believe in Clients for Life

RE/MAX Coastal’s Commitment to You:

We are committed to valuing you as our client and ensuring a seamless and pleasant real estate experience

Below are just some of the ways we aim to achieve this:

Accurate Evaluation
The correct selling price of a proprty is the highest price that the market will bear. To assist you in determining the correct asking price, we provide you with a comprehensive market analysis of comparable properties sold and offered for sale in your area.

Professional Advice
We will advise you of any necessary repair and how you may best prepare your home for showing. You will be kept up to date on the state of the market, the sale of similar properties and other factors which may affect the progress of your property’s sale.

Promotion of Your Home to Other Realtors
The major selling points of your home will be distributed to other real estate firms throughout the community.

The highly respected RE/MAX sign board advertises your property 24 hours a day.

Notify Purchasers
We will use our advanced computer system to identify people who have been looking for homes in your area. They will be contacted and given details of your property.

Open Houses
If appropriate, open houses will be arranged and held during reasonable hours.

We will advertise your home in appropriate publications and communicate our results to you.

Progress Report
Every step of the sales effort will be documented. Our Progress Report will keep you up to date.

Pre-arranged Bond and Financing Guidance
We offer pre-approved bonds which encourages buyers by letting them know their bond limitations.

RE/MAX Agents' Qualifications

Things you should know:

RE/MAX is a world leader in real estate with over 6500 full service offices in 97 countries including South Africa, USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean.

Today, RE/MAX associates proudly number over 100 000 full time, professional agents worldwide.

The Typical RE/MAX agent is among the most experienced in the industry, averaging over 12 years of service worldwide and 8 years’ service in South Africa.

Our agent are also distinguished by earning, on the average, more real estate educational designation than its industry competitors - a commitment to professional improvement.

Because of this industry high educational and experience achievements, the average RE/MAX agent outsells the competition by an incredible 3 to 1.

Over 70% of RE/MAX agents' business comes from repeat business or referrals from past customers and friends - more than twice the industry average.

RE/MAX agents make a personal financial investment in every listing.

RE/MAX agents completely control the marketing programme for each of their listings

Is Sole Mandate A Good Option?

Too many cooks spoil the broth...

Property listed indiscriminately with every Agency is cheapened by its overexposure. Buyers wonder why efforts of so many firms are required to sell it.

With a Sole Mandate, the agent has a greater inducement to study the property thoroughly, to devote time and effort to incur the expense of finding a prospect willing and able to buy the property as quickly as possible.

Giving a Sole Mandate to a reputable agent is your guarantee that he will advertise your property properly, and can offer it freely in the best channels and in with best methods to attract buyers. He has time. There is no urgency. The transaction can be concluded in a calm, relaxed and dignified atmosphere, because you and he would be protected against piracy.

A competent and self-respecting agent would rather list ten properties exclusively than make 100 open listings. If you are one of the ten, your chance of selling, and at a good price, is better than if you were one of the hundred.

List your property with one live, wide-awake firm - it will serve you better than ten dead ones which list everything offered, but sell little.

Don't wait, contact us today to work with an experienced and professional agent!

Buyers Services

Our RE/MAX Coastal team is strong and committed, with over 200 years of experience in Real Estate business. Our emphasis on innovative market research along with in-depth local knowledge allows us to offer many properties to fulfil your financial and personal needs and choices.

Purchasing your home is probably the most important investment that you will ever make.

You may already have in your mind a picture of your future home: the number of rooms, kitchen, bathroom, decorations, outbuildings, etc. Indeed, you most likely have already imagined what your life will be like in your new home.

Choosing a home is an investment that will involve some of your deepest emotional experiences. We understand that you should feel comfortable and confident in reaching the goal: finding your dream home at the optimum price.

Contact one of our professional agents today who will guide you with how to choose the right property, how to budget for it, what their involvement is, as well as giving you many other useful tips and advice.

We will help you find property alternatives that meet your needs by:

  • Acquainting you with the area of your choice: zoning, recreation, shopping centres, schools, rates etc.
  • Discussing your wants and needs
  • Reviewing financial options
  • Identifying and showing you properties that meet your criteria
  • Honestly summarising the pros and cons of each property
  • Estimating all purchase and ownership costs

We will help you invest in the property/home of your choice by:

  • Offering you guidance through the purchasing process.
  • Preparing an Agreement and making certain you fully understand every step of the transaction.
  • Making every effort to negotiate a successful purchase.
  • Assisting you in obtaining financing and working through the final statement with you.

Once you become the proud owner of your new home or property we will be available to advise you on how to enhance your property to ensure the highest return on it.

Don't wait, contact us today to work with an experienced and professional agent!